Monday, 3 November 2014

Stories of crashes

Interesting blog by careflightcollective on the telling of stories from real world experiences of accidents in the field.

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"Medicine is a discipline built for the campfire. Or a theatre. Or for the gossip of the tearoom. We build knowledge and teams quicker with the stories we share than the papers we read.

This is particularly the case for prehospital and retrieval medicine. This is an area of medicine bordering different lands to hospital practice. Borderlands tend to be inhabited by strange beasts (and let’s be honest, a few strange people). Some of the situations we find ourselves in are unlikely to repeat themselves quickly and if we don’t hear the stories of those who have been there before, it’s a lot harder to be ready for some of those more colourful days at work."

This use of clinical stories would be very good for training purposes for emergency response teams. How best to learn what you might expect when you turn up?

However, unless it is comprehensive it risks being biased towards the perceptions of the authors. Perhaps not so useful in planning of services and syllabus of trainees but certainly good for representative examples for discussion.

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