Saturday, 29 November 2014

Seeing glucose through the skin

"Scientists in Germany have developed a spectroscopy method to measure diabetics' glucose levels through their skin.

When a sample is irradiated with IR light, it produces a temperature increase and when this heat diffuses to a material in contact with the sample, a temperature gradient is created, causing a thermal lens – just like the mirage effect you see in the air on the surface of a hot road. By examining the deflection of a probe beam across this lens, you can study the thermal and optical properties of the sample."

Pleitez MA, Hertzberg O, Bauer A, Seeger M, Lieblein T, Lilienfeld-Toal H v, Mäntele W. Photothermal deflectometry enhanced by total internal reflection enables non-invasive glucose monitoring in human epidermis. Analyst 2014 Nov; Available from:

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