Tuesday, 30 August 2011

BMJ Case Reports Indexed on PubMed

Came back from holiday to find out that the indexing has now been sorted out for BMJ Case Reports so good news to authors and thanks to the publishing team at BMJ.


Will keep an eye on it over the next few weeks but one of my favourite (non-clinical) photos from the time when I was editor is shown here. From the case report "Surfers ankle: a bony spur of the talar neck."(1)

1. Brooks FM, Williams P, Carpenter EC. Surfers ankle: a bony spur of the talar neck. BMJ Case Rep 2009;2009 Available from: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21709829

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Diabetes articles of interest to 27th August 2011

Some articles of note indexed on PubMed in the past few weeks.

Training augments the glucose lowering effect of exercise. [1]

People with diabetes from ethnic minority groups may benefit from additional support between visits. However, a study of telephone support in this particular patient group failed to show any benefit. [2]

A study by Diabetes UK and the Department of Health published in The Lancet suggests that adding exercise to a dietary intervention soon after the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes confers no additional benefit. [3] The exercise activity was a pedometer-based intervention. This says more about pedometers than 'exercise' in general.

Early intensive multi-factorial treatment in newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes detected by screening does not seem to significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular events after 5 years. [4]

Cochrane review of Chinese herbal medicine for diabetic peripheral neuropathy - no evidence of an effect. [5]

"Education programmes appear to have beneficial effects on improving patients' knowledge of diabetes and some self-management behavioural changes for patients with diabetes on dialysis or with microalbuminuria. Educational programmes appear to have beneficial effects on improving patients' self-efficacy and result in some beliefs changes for patients with diabetes and microalbuminuria. However, only two studies with small sample sizes and inadequate quality were included in this review. There is, therefore, inadequate evidence to support the beneficial effects of education programmes for people with DKD." [6]

Food insecurity has been linked to obesity. In this study researchers "found an association between food insecurity and obesity only among women not receiving food assistance suggesting a possible protective role for food assistance. Providers should consider food insecurity in similar populations when trying to address obesity." [7]

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