Sunday, 27 June 2010

iPhone App for 24HourLondon launched

Web interface, website and iPhone App sorted.

Been working with Emma for the last few months on developing the web database that delivers the details of the venues to the iPhone App and its associated website with funky graphics designed by Corin.

It has been really enjoyable - though a little challenging working with family and another developer all at a distance - and it is great to see it finally listed on the Apple Store as 24hourlondon for iPhone. Well done Emma.

Basically there is a large database of thoroughly researched late night venues. The iPhone App tells the database its geolocation and the database calculates distances and lists those venues that are nearby. Want to carry on past your normal bed time? 24 Hour London is here to help.

I get the feeling that this sort of work is currently over-priced. The development costs are quite high in comparison to the relative simplicity of the technology. I'm sure that in coming years developing applications for smartphones is going to be cheaper. The real value is in the "content" - the details of the venues that have been researched and are more reliable than simply searching the web for details that may be very out of date. Content is king ... and always was.

Now we've got the web API sorted out we'll have to do the same for Android phones.