Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Software equal to or better than humans at cataloging published science data

"A computer system called PaleoDeepDive has equaled (or bested in some categories) scientists at the complex task of extracting data from scientific publications and placing it in a database that catalogs the results of tens of thousands of individual studies."

"The project required a million hours of computer time. It also required access to tens of thousands of articles, says Jacquelyn Crinion, assistant director of licensing and acquisitions services at the UW–Madison General Library System. And the download volume threatened logjams in document delivery. Eventually, Elsevier gave the UW-Madison team broad access to 10,000 downloads per week.

As text- and data-mining takes off, Crinion says the library system and publishers will adapt. “The challenge for all of us is to provide specialized services for researchers while continuing to meet the core needs of the vast majority of our customers.”"


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