Tuesday, 23 December 2014

How to guess at Multiple Choice (MCQ) tests

Blog from Donald Clark on "How to outguess Multiple Choice Tests"


Delivering some tips in evidence-based fashion and bemoaning the fact that we live in an age of 'inefficient assessment'.

We can only beat these types of tests if they are written badly. Going through the list of tips reminded me of revising for the MRCP part 1 in the good old days when it was a negatively marked true / false quiz. There was lots of discussion on courses about strategies, counting, confidence with answers, educated guessing and so on. I remember drawing little graphs of subject areas I seemed to guess better in ... then it dawned on me ... if I just read more on the subject then I 'guessed' better. Reading more comes from knowing where to focus and hence started writing and sharing MCQs for other docs which eventually led to developing onexamination.com

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