Saturday, 9 March 2013

Visualising Twitter Chats

Been experimenting with different ways of visualising text analysis of Twitter hashtags. Got GrabChat to use document clustering and display the results with HTML 5 allowing it to be read on mobile devices.

Run an example using a recent #CMEchat by doing the usual GrabChat of the hashtag but then included the text analysis.

Here's a screen shot of the text analysis output. Each of the cells are clickable and they send you back to Twitter to see more discussions through specific (and therefore deeper) searches.

This is an interesting way of archiving and analysing hashtags on Twitter. It's more than trawling through all the tweets or just numbers of hits and tweeters. I think it is probably most useful for 'feeling the pulse' of a big meeting - as it is progressing - or capturing the key concepts quickly and easily from a typical Twitter chat.

Here's another of #ACC13. Click on the image to go to the GrabChat text analysis and then click on the topics that take your interest.

As an idea this has come a long way from the semantics and homophily I talked about last year. Well, for the semantics anyhow. Must look more at the homophily.

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