Sunday, 31 March 2013

This weekend has been a bit of a diabetes hack.

Started a project to try and "crowdsource" data on insulin prices across the world. Despite being invented nearly 100 years ago, and the team who discovered it handing over their rights to the University of Toronto so that insulin could be available to all who needed it, 'lack of access to insulin' is the leading cause of death globally for children with Type 1 Diabetes.

The reasons for this are complex and involve different priorities across national health systems, the global market for insulin development and supply chains, and individual choices of healthcare. However, it is the poorest children who develop diabetes that suffer. If their family cannot get them insulin then, literally, their treatment goes back 100 years. We can do better than this.

I felt strongly that since I was well connected to people with an interest in diabetes across the world we might be able to gather data and make it transparent what the variations are. Only when the variations are known can the barriers be addressed.

Please visit for more information, share the links, and complete the survey.

Thanks to Laurie for making a most excellent video!

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