Friday, 28 June 2013

Pioglitazone ban in India

Pioglitazone has been banned in India and has caused considerable debate among prescribers there.

"Banning pioglitazone in 2013 is wrong timing because there is no new evidence to show its ill effects. On the contrary the USFDA had called back an earlier drug – doziglitazone last month and it will be commercially available in India in a few months."

"Some doctors also refute the basis of ban. They say that the diabetic drug (Pioglitazone) is effective, and can cause adverse effects in sustained use of 40 mg in older patients. The option should be about the use of a lower dosage because alternatives such as DPP-4-inhibitors or gliptins are more expensive."

"While insulin sensitiser pioglitazone has been barred due to health risks, experts say the danger arises only if used in larger doses."

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