Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Top resources recently discussed in #MedEd

Collaboratively filtered list of the most cited resources in #MedEd tweets over the last week or so.

I've been working on a web-based app that analyses Twitter chats. If someone goes to the bother of posting a link into their tweet and using a tag (such as #MedEd for Medical Education) then this is a vote, a +1, a 'like', for that URL. The more times the link is posted the more popular it is. The trick is getting that information out of the Twitter stream which requires serious automation. That's the tool I've been developing.

The list below highlights what the #MedEd community has been interested in recently. Great to see the British Thoracic Society (@BTSLearning) on Twitter!


(If you would like to use the tool to analyse the tweets in your community or simply to archive your tweet chats like this then please get in touch. Beta-testers wanted!)

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