Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Moodle is cool

Giving a talk tomorrow on Moodle and how it is best used as a course management system and virtual learning environment.

I've had over 6 years of experience with Moodle now and even though I'm not as good as our resident Miss Moodle I know my way around under the bonnet.

Moodle stands for Modular Object Orientated Dynamic and caters for small or large, primary school or postgraduate. There are over 65,000 registered sites, in 219 countries, with over 56 million users, 94 million forum posts, and 99 million quiz questions (how many duplicates I don't know).

It is Open Source with 283 developers worldwide and has a public development roadmap.

It lends itself very well to the Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes course with University of Leicester and BMJ Learning. Since the students are all postgraduates they have a lot of experience to share. A facilitated discussion where they can build knowledge and academic skills in diabetes is greatly helped by the flexibility of Moodle. A social constructivist pedagogy.

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