Sunday, 21 December 2014

An implantable WiFi Hotspot using silk and magnesium?

Green implants are coming, and paving the way for implantable WiFi devices.

"What Rogers and his group have now done is to use near-field inductive coupling to wirelessly control a bioresorbable implant that releases antibiotics on demand to cure an infection. Up to 500mW of power at 80MHz is sent to the device from an external primary coil. It is received by an implanted secondary coil fabricated from mere 28 micrograms of magnesium. When the secondary coil heats up, it released the anitbiotic ampicillin which has been embedded in the matrix of the silk shield surrounding the coil. The rate of antibiotic release is controlled by the input power while the rate of breakdown of the silk is controlled by how crystalline the silk is."

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