Thursday, 16 October 2014

When does next weekend become this weekend?

Picture of a calendar
On a Friday you would say 'this weekend' referring to the next 2 days and 'next weekend' would be over a week away. On the Saturday and Sunday 'this weekend' would mean those two days and 'next weekend' would be a week away.

On a Monday 'this weekend' could still mean 'this weekend [just gone]' and 'next weekend' could be now less than a week away. The weekend after that is 'the weekend after next'.

At some point in the week it changes and the weekends all shuffle along. 'This weekend [just gone]' becomes 'last weekend'. 'next weekend' becomes 'this weekend' and 'the weekend after next' becomes 'next weekend'.

What I want to know is when does it change? Is that somewhere on a Wednesday? If so, when? At Midday (GMT) on a Wednesday what would 'this weekend' refer to?

Just asking.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Why is it so hard sometimes to pick up conversations across different social media?

It may be my age but I sometimes find it quite difficult picking up a conversation across two different platforms. Especially where the one platform is the 'real world platform' - the ultimate social media.

Say you exchange some interesting bits of information on a topic on Twitter or Facebook with a contact. Then - a few weeks later - I don't think I'd have any trouble carrying on with it a few weeks later online.

However, if instead of picking it up online, it is dropped into a conversation in the real world then I have a challenge. Someone might say "hey! So what do you think of Metropolis Hastings / Inhaled Insulin / eco-toilets / Bon Jovi?" (or whatever the online discussion was about). I'd have a stunned moment with the internal voice of "eh? what on earth?". Or, worse still, the other person may expect ME to pick up on the conversation we had on Twitter two weeks ago ... but I don't ... and then they feel I'm being rude.

Should people carry a readily-identifiable badge with their online avatar on so that it can prompt disadvantaged people like me who can't remember what they were talking about or can't link online persona and real person together?

This is a context-dependent memory challenge. Maybe it's because I have greatly exceeded my Dunbar's number of 150 social contacts that my brain can keep up with. Maybe it's because I am not trying hard enough and assume that the "real world" is where I can relax [I spend most of my time 'working remotely'].

I don't know. Maybe I should just get out more often.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Diabetes and Social Media talk at Torbay Hospital on May 1st #torbaydoc

Between about 14:30 and 15:30 and May 1st I'll be talking about the use of social media to the diabetes team at Torbay Hospital.

It would be good to see who might be available in the Diabetes online community at about 15:00 (UK time, GMT+1) on May 1st on Twitter. Perhaps we could use the hashtag - #torbaydoc.

Any suggestions on what we should talk about? Will talk about my personal experience of communicating with colleagues and people with diabetes, and how it has been helpful.

I'll definitely go through the obligatory social media donut slide.

Any suggested YouTube channels from people with diabetes?

Any suggested blogs / online groups?

Any suggested evidence that social media ... eh ... works? (Here's a list of the evidence that I've been gathering for 'new technologies in diabetes'.)

Saturday, 12 April 2014

.htaccess tip of the day

Got a website nicely protected with .htaccess authentication but want to allow open access to a single directory without interfering with it?

Me too.

So it turns out you just stick a .htaccess file in the said directory and include the following two lines.
Allow from all
Satisfy Any
Job done.

Managed to then share an animated GIF of son with sword from 2006. None of the cloud-based services allow you to share the file exactly as you'd like.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Ubuntu One is unplugged: the risk of losing your cloud storage

Ubuntu One has announced it is closing and has given users 2 months' notice - free and paid.

"The Ubuntu One file services will not be included in the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 LTS release, and the Ubuntu One apps in older versions of Ubuntu and in the Ubuntu, Google, and Apple stores will be updated appropriately. The current services will be unavailable from 1 June 2014; user content will remain available for download until 31 July, at which time it will be deleted."

It is an important reminder of the fragility of online cloud storage - even ones that you might pay for. It is a shame as Ubuntu One was (mostly) a smooth system for accessing important files on desktop, mobile, and tablet. It would do it automatically without the worry of having to manually back things up. The latest version of the file you were working on was just available wherever you needed it.

So, how to avoid missing cloud service disappointment? Do you really need to store those files? Are you just doing it as a time capsule for the future?

Suggest keeping your total collection of files to a manageable size and store them on multiple different types of media. An essential piece of digital literacy is not being fixated on any single piece of technology - they all come and go.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Surfing injuries on BMJ Case Reports - surfing seems safe!

If you are fit enough to get your board out beyond the breaking waves then you are fit enough to look after yourself. Usually you land in water when you fall off which helps! So, surfing seems a safe sport.

As a demonstration of this safety there are now over 8000 case reports published and only two case reports are of injuries to surfers. There are three case reports involving surfers in total but the other just mentions surfing as part of the patient history.

There is an eye injury and an ankle injury and both have excellent action shots of surfing.

Nice cutback demonstrated by the patient (opposite).

A trio surfing a big clean wave.

Getting images for your blogs / social media

So Getty announced that they were releasing 35 million of their images to be used however you like with some limitations. To do so you need to embed them (follow the 'search embed images' link at the bottom of the instructions) but the image is displayed as an iframe and may not show up if your blog is posted as a link to your social media websites.

A better way is to go for Creative Commons images and you can search using their search interface through different collections. Just remember to attribute the image ... I like just linking it back to the author's original page as below.