Tuesday, 12 October 2010

TILT - microblogging your learning

Just caught up with news of this Today I Learnt That ... pilot from the TRIP database guys Jon Brassey and Chris Price.

Nice one ... and it's another 4 letter acronym beginning with 'T'!

Not to be confused with FT's tilt (note the lower case) which is a digital news site about 'tilting' markets?

TILT looks like a Web 2.0 way of microblogging your own learning especially when reading the evidence-based medicine summaries on the TRIP database. Since they have now got 10,000 registered users it would make great sense to give them some sort of simple way of tracking their reflections. Having a dedicated tool used by this particular community has advantages over, say, a more general microblogging tool such as Twitter since the learning may get mixed up with what you're eating for breakfast or which train you're on. There's the challenge too and I wonder if we may see some linking up of other online tools via fancy tagging. Hey ... the #tilt hashtag is not really widely used so I'd start posting it to reserve it!

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