Thursday, 7 October 2010

Diabetes education project

Started an international diabetes project yesterday for primary care physicians in four different countries. The educational intervention is based on the social learning theory Communities of Practice1. It will be evaluated by colleagues in Canada - hopefully across the two languages - and written up early next year.

There was a lively discussion at our orientation session in Cardiff (thanks all) but all too brief. I hope the platform that we've developed will help extend the discussion.

Before the session we asked some of the GPs to send details about their current clinical practice and plugged them into Wordle to create a visual summary of the themes and issues - a technique I picked up from Bronwyn Stuckey (thanks @BronSt).

Don't know what it means but, like reading tea leaves, it helps to stimulate conversation.

Looking forward to the online discussion and perhaps the possibility of breaking out of our basecamp.

1. Etienne Wenger. Communities of practice: learning, meaning, and identity. Cambridge University Press; 1998. Associated website at: .


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