Sunday, 4 October 2009

Do you wear a watch?

Read with amusement the list of 50 things that are being killed by the internet published by the telegraph recently.

One that struck me was the watch (number 10) but I've been going off the watch for a lot longer than the internet was around. Why wear a watch when there are plenty of places to see the time?

You need to know the time when you have to be somewhere at a certain time or do something at a certain time. This means that you are probably around people and civilisation. There are numerous clocks around you and you probably carry a mobile phone or a PDA, and there are plenty of other people around you to tell you the time. Time is less critical now with the ubiquitous connectivity that's available so you can always rearrange appointments and punctuality is something that is also being killed off (number 5). So, when you most need the time you probably don't need a watch.

When you don't have access to other ways of telling the time you are probably away from society in the country, or on a beach in your swimsuit where clocks, mobile phones, PDAs and other people may not be around. But this is when you least need to know the time because you are less likely to need to be somewhere at a particular time. So when you most need a watch to tell the time you probably don't need to know the time.

Either way you don't need a watch.


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