Tuesday, 15 September 2009

CCK09 start page

Not sure I fully understand what is meant by the term "personal learning environment" as defined by the connectivists (better look it up - or start a glossary as part of my course work) but found one example provided by emapey which I've borrowed and adapted.

This is a start page for the CCK09 course so that I can find all the links easily.

Week 1, Week 2

The Daily News: The Daily
Moodle LMS: Course: CCK09
Participants: CCK09: Participants
Elluminate: CCK09 Live Sessions
Elluminate: CCK09 Recorded sessions 
Wiki: University of Manitoba
Wiki: at Wikiversity

Tagging makes the course easier to aggregate.

Yahoo! Pipe (of everything I can find): CCK09 tags

or, for more focussed searches ...

Google Blog Search: cck09 – Google Blog Search
Twitter CCK09: cck09 – Twitter Search
WordPress CCK09: Cck09 Blogs Posts on WordPress
Delicious Bookmarks: Recent cck09 Bookmarks on Delicious

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  1. thanks dean - i've added several of these to the Wikiversity page for CCK09 http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Connectivism and Connective Knowledge/09