Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Getting Google Mobile-Friendly Ranking pester emails from web designers?

On April 21st Google will use 'mobile friendliness' as part of the ranking algorithm for people searching using a mobile. This makes great sense as Google wants to improve the quality of the search results for that particular searcher's device.

There are plenty of website designers who are now emailing their customers offering an upgrade. Which is great news for the web design business.

However, if your a little suspicious Google have made a nice mini site explaining it all.


This includes a Mobile-Friendly Test as well. Just type your website address (or your web designer's website address and portfolio of customers if you want to check them out) and Google will give its opinion.


Google is pushing the responsive web design approach over the alternate mobile site which is great. Why maintain two websites when one will do? For many it means completely rebuilding a website designed with a focus on desktops not tablets or smartphones ... and that can be expensive.

The main thing to ask yourself is whether or not your visitors do so on mobile devices? More and more are doing so ... it's about time you asked the question.

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