Sunday, 24 April 2011

e-mail efficacy for CME adherence ... and patient communication

e-mail is a very familiar tool and it is clear from the way it is used by popular online services (PubMed, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter ...) that regular e-mails is one way of maintaining interaction with subscribers.

Many of the educational projects I've been involved in have employed some form of semi-automatic e-mail communication to encourage participation from learners.

It was interesting to read some recent papers that have looked at the relationship between engagement and e-mail communication. E-mail clearly has some efficacy but many questions remain. Is it the interactive nature of the content - perhaps in the form of clinical case problems (1) - or is it simply the critical timing of the reminder in the working week (2)? Is it the 'spacing effect' of the reminders with cycles of repetition built into the programme (3)?

There is evidence that email is effective in patient education in the form of weekly and monthly personalised emails (4). Some have even looked at assessing e-mail competencies of clinicians (5).

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