Friday, 14 January 2011

Refeeding syndrome and dementia training

Not in the same person ... but in the same lunchtime meeting.

Good overview of refeeding syndrome presented at the departmental meeting in Truro. It was based on a recent review in the BMJ (1) but presented with a bit of a memorised case from the wards and a lot of slides. Could have done with less time on phosphates, a few more pictures, some historical perspective and some more time on those clinical circumstances where it can be easily missed - high-dependency unit patients, post-op patients, eating disorders etc.

Whilst in the meeting managed to search BMJ Case Reports for 'refeeding syndrome' and found several cases. Would be good for future meetings to perhaps highlight such a wealth of cases and the associated media that would come with them.

Then had a whistle-stop tour of dementia which apparently counted, in part, for 'dementia training' for all the staff. Marvellous.

1. Mehanna HM, Moledina J, Travis J. Refeeding syndrome: what it is, and how to prevent and treat it. BMJ. 2008;336(7659):1495 -1498

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