Monday, 22 November 2010

A possible future for CME?

Pedagogical Ecology is a lovely jargon term originally from Jaffee and used by Nada Dabbagh & Rick Reo in Back to the Future: Tracing the Roots and Learning Affordances of Social Software. In Lee MJW, McLoughlin C (Eds). Web 2.0-Based E-Learning: Applying Social Informatics for Tertiary Teaching. IGI Global; 2010.

They use it to describe a trajectory for e-learning from traditional broadcast media to social software learning environments in tertiary education. Could the same trajectory be true for Continuing Medical Education CME (though perhaps delayed by a few years)?

I've summarized it in this PowerPoint on Pedagogical Ecologies in CME.

I think it is a useful tool for exploring where our current CME activities can be placed, where our learners might be and where we may want to move to (or not).

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