Sunday, 1 November 2009

Updating myself on CCK09

Have been busy with other things lately and have not really been following the CCK09 course. It does seem generally a little quieter and that might reflect a "burn out" of some of the early enthusiasm.

Managed to catch up with the reading over the last few days and updated my concept map.

I am feeling far more satisfied with the rigour of debate that this learning theory has undergone but it is ironic (and intentional) that it is itself distributed and emergent.

There are works by Siemens and Downes that link to a lot of related theory but they are stored in many places in different forms: articles, videos, teleconference sessions, photos of whiteboards etc. The debate emerges through CCK08, CCK09 and other related networks and it is certainly impossible for any individual to find it all and know it all.

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